About Cenegenics®

Leading the industry in age-management for over 20 years, our practice of preventive medicine has aided over 35,000 successful patients. Our unique understanding and research into how the body ages has allowed us to design advanced programs for men and women who want to feel young, healthy and vibrant again!

Our program is renowned for seeing incredible results — we've been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NPR, CBS's 60 Minutes and many more. In addition to our locations spanning the United States and internationally, a portion of our patients are actually doctors and their families. At Cenegenics®, results and trust are built from the inside out.

Healthy Age Management

Great health and longevity are not produced on accident. Healthy age management requires your active participation and the right plan to get the job done. Our advanced medical strategies give you the best chance of averting premature disabilities caused by age-related diseases.

Cenegenics® Boca Raton is dedicated to ensuring that you look, feel, and perform your best. It's never too late, or too early, to take control of your health.


Our team is ready to provide you with an incredible experience!