Our Elite Health Evaluation

This full-day evaluation is based on personalization and lasts approximately 7 hours. Our Cenegenics® team and staff excel in providing an experience and not just a process. It’s comprehensive, effective and trusted by doctors and patients alike. 

The Elite Health Baseline

Once you’ve scheduled your Elite Health Evaluation, our Boca Raton office will set up an appointment with our phlebotomist to visit your home or office. They will perform a quick but comprehensive blood analysis that will help us determine any various health issues or underlying conditions.

Only 1% of physicians who enter our intensive year-long training program become Cenegenics® certified. These world-class physicians carefully analyze your test results, explaining all aspects and interrelationships of your body chemistry and underlying health issues. Working closely together, they develop a plan that works with your demanding lifestyle to achieve optimal health.

This is the complete package to getting in the best shape and mindset of your life. You will walk away with valuable and applicable insight into your health and wellbeing.

Components of the Elite Health Evaluation

Overall Health and Fitness:
Hormonal and Metabolic Assessment

Balanced hormones are necessary to live a happy, healthy and long life. If even one of them isn’t balanced, it can throw everything off. Our Cenegenics® Elite Program was designed to take each one of them into account. With our accurate and advanced methods of prevention, there’s no reason not to live optimally and function at your prime each day. 

An expanded panel of blood work assesses your hormonal and metabolic profile, from standard tests such as blood sugar and cholesterol, to an in depth evaluation of your hormonal status along with important cardiac and inflammatory markers.

These panels of blood work identify your current hormonal levels and how your metabolism is functioning. This also includes cholesterol, blood sugar levels and important inflammatory markers which can help us identify underlying issues.

Test Tubes

Artery Health: 
Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT)

Every 39 seconds heart disease claims another life-- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. Through our advanced, non-invasive CIMT testing process we can assess how much plaque buildup there is and the best methods of correction.

In most cases, the entire test takes no longer than five minutes, allowing you instant access to extremely important results. A detailed report is generated based on traditional risk factor scores (FRAMINGHAM, SCORE or PROCAM) and the results of the ultrasound examination. Combining these two reports yields the clearest overall picture of your heart health. 

Artery Health
Blood Pressure

Body Fat Analysis:
Body Composition

As your body ages, muscle becomes even more crucial than in younger years. It not only increases your strength and prevents injuries, it makes you look confident and sexy. On the other hand, carrying around excess fat can overshadow any muscle mass that you currently have. 

We can accurately determine your body composition using state-of-the-art GE Lunar Prodigy technology. It not only allows us to accurately measure your body fat percentage, but muscle mass as well. 

It’s important to know where you stand. Many people don’t particularly look overweight but can still have a buildup of fat around their organs. This is sometimes known as dangerous fat and naturally increases the risk of disease. Your body composition can reveal a lot about your overall health.

Senior Running
Body Comp

Bone Health:
Bone Density Testing

As we age, balance and mobility almost always become an issue. In addition, our bones go from thick and strong to thinning and fragile, which makes injuries more likely. Anyone entering the 60-year-old age bracket knows that a hip fracture can be life threatening. We have the ability to scan specific areas as well as the entire body. DEXA involves the use of X-ray beams sent through the body at different energy levels. This helps to determine the risk and progression of osteoporosis-- early detection is especially important for those in their 40’s and 50’s.

Bone Density

Memory and Brain Function:
Cognitive Testing

Your mind is what allows you to make important snap decisions every day. Cognitive function starts to slow and become cloudy with age. Occasional “brain fog” doesn’t have to be the new normal-- our Cenegenics® Elite Program can bring your laser like focus and “sharp as a tack” performance back again.  

Cognitive Testing

Cardiovascular health:
Fitness Assessment

VO2 Testing is generally considered the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. This test provides a baseline to track your cardiovascular fitness. Perhaps, more importantly, it determines your optimal heart rate training zones.

Being able to climb up a flight of stairs shouldn’t leave you winded, nor should going on a family hike leave you out of breath. As your body ages, your hearts max capacity to pump blood goes down. Through our VO2 testing, we can see where your cardiac fitness is and where it needs to be improved.

Our targeted resistance training is designed to build muscle and attack fat storage through high-intensity workouts. When needed, we also provide nutrient and hormone supplementation (when clinically indicated) to optimize cellular health.

Running Cardio

Nutrition and Exercise Coaching

Eating the right foods can be nearly impossible when you don’t know what they are. There is a new fad diet out every month and a new “dangerous” food that will supposedly make you gain weight.

Backed by evidence-based science-- we provide customized dietary guidelines that follow your body’s instinctive appetite. We teach you how to easily prepare food and eat out when traveling to achieve your nutritional goals. Having access to a personal nutrition and exercise coach is the only way to understand how your body reacts to certain foods and exercises.


Physician Consultation

Your Cenegenics® Boca Raton physician, Dr. Elissa Calapai, will thoroughly help you understand all your test results and answer any questions you may have along the way. Your goals, motivations, and main health concerns are at the forefront of this new journey. Our job goes far beyond just treating health issues. It’s about teaching, guiding, and empowering you forward to a lifetime of wellness.

Follow Up

We’ll be there every step of the way, coaching, guiding and refining where necessary. You will have unlimited access to your team-- including your physician, exercise/nutrition counselor and service coordinator. Your progress will be closely monitored and, as your goals change, so will your program. 


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